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    What Makes A Man Stylish To Women?

    What Makes A Man Stylish To Women?

    “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

    The transition from a boy to man is not an easy journey and to be a stylish man is another league. Style is not simply following a celebrity, it is making your own statement when entering a board room or gathering. Women love confident men and keeping your style quotient high can make you desirable. Classic Polo is sharing evergreen formulas to always look above average and attract your opposite gender without fail.

    All of us strive to be our best version and it is a never-ending evolution. Fashion changes at a fast pace but a stylish man chooses it as per his convenience. To leave a lasting impression on people you meet is possible with the way you dress up, clothes communicate your aura and carry your persona.

    It is a myth that style can be bought with high-end brands. Sophisticated style is beyond expensive clothing, it can be achieved with grooming, outfit and right attitude. Keep your basics intact and review yourself personally to create the character for you and it should be in sync with your true self.

    Before we start with the blog, let’s make it clear that style is effortless and comfortable. Don’t try too hard and don’t try to be someone else. Keep it simple and peculiar at the same time. Confidence will follow you when you’re well clad and humour is a hidden tool to kill ladies.

    Details do matter

    What makes a man stylish to women?

    Don’t confuse yourself with overdressing or over-accessorizing. The idea is not to look like someone who seeks attention but to take time to go through your wardrobe and check if any cloth requires repairing. Even a minor rip or hole has the potential to ruin your image in a few seconds and we are aware of how difficult it is to build an image. Remember that minute details make a complete impression on women.

    What makes a man stylish to women?

    Alteration is a part of detailing, you may lose and gain few pounds therefore fitting is important to look your best. Observe other subtle details of the outfit like if the colour is fading, loose button, wrinkles on clothes, colour, design and pattern coordination from top to bottom including socks, checkzip, water stains on specs,  polishing shoes and the list goes on. De-cluttering of the closet is the by-product of this process. 

    Invest in a full-length mirror and for 10 seconds look at yourself in it before leaving the house. It can work wonders for your dressing and overall appeal within seconds. We don’t encourage getting over-obsessed with a mirror which is quite addictive in the long run. But to merely use it for the right purpose.

    Minimalist approach

    What makes a man stylish to women?

    Less is always more for elegant men. Bringing guys are a big turn-off for women and unattractive for many reasons. You should not buy 100 shirts to make a mark on your lady. All you need is limited quality wear with stimulating dialogues and positive outlook to steal her heart. Buy clothes reflecting your substance and which makes you feel good. Be subtly appealing to others you get the chance to interact.

    Dress appropriately keeping the occasion in mind but in your comfort zone. You know yourself best and don’t be shy to display it in public. Build your core wardrobe that can be picked when getting late or simply when confused. Make mix and match pairs that keeps your style intact and crafts a new look every time you don it. The main idea is to try different looks with minimum clothing.

    Do not compromise on quality and buy the best brands possible in core collection. Classic Polo has the ultimo range of professional wear to choose from to suit each expert. Invest on timeless collection that assures long lasting quality and do take care of your wardrobe.  Be simple and don’t overdo. Less is more for a stylish male.

    Show your unique side

    What makes a man stylish to women?

    Everyone is different and unique in their own way. Take some time out and introspect on your character. Style is not just a superficial idea it is a concept with deep meaning. Dressing style should develop around your lifestyle and profession. Copying a trendy fad without understanding its effectonyourself, will not depict your unique side.

    A man has various facets beyond his job, explore the other side and dress accordingly. Clothes are not costume to trendypeople it like second skin. Be updated on latest trends which are suitable to your personal style. We encourage adaptation of new colours, designs and silhouettes matching your individual features.

    What makes a man stylish to women?

    A unique streak in you should be the reason for your confidence, be proud to showcase it socially. Strike a balance between newest fashion and your exclusivity to stay stylish forever. All the great popular style icons like Justin Trudeau, Dev Anand, George Clooney, Brad Bitt etc. had to work on their charisma for years to create the ultimate aura. Today they are exceptional and followed by many. Listen to your instincts and follow your heart!   

    Come out &Experiment

    What makes a man stylish to women?

    Young men are daring and experimentative by nature. Adventurous and edgy traits of new generation assist them to  they push the boundaries.

    Signature Scent

    Planning in advance


    Fitted clothes (keep your tailoring sharp)

    Invest in suits

    Regular haircuts


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