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    Man Up: 10 Mistakes Men Wearing Jewelry Make

    Man Up: 10 Mistakes Men Wearing Jewelry Make

    Ever since the earliest recorded Egyptians in 5,000 B.C., people have chosen to accessorize their fashions with jewelry. Men and women alike wore gold jewelry to accent their style.

    Although the practice was primarily adapted into women's fashions, men wearing jewelry can still accessorize their attire with smart, stylish pieces.

    Read on to discover our 10 jewelry fashion tips for men regarding what to avoid when choosing jewelry.

    1. Avoiding Earrings

    Many men avoid wearing earrings because they can be quite the statement item. They can often feel like women's accessories rather than guy's accessories. However, with the right style, earrings can be trendy jewelry for guys.

    Start with small, understated pieces. Wearing small gems and neutral designs can give off a trendy vibe without appearing too feminine.

    Many men who wear jewelry today are also forgoing the old "one earring" aesthetic. If you are looking to add earrings to your jewelry collection, try going for studs on both ears.

    2. Wearing Flashy Necklaces

    Men's necklace are one of the items where a guy's accessories can go wild. If you're not going for a flashy vibe, many of these outrageously attention-grabbing pieces may not be suitable for you.

    Instead of diamond chains, a lot of men wearing jewelry go for simpler, sleeker pieces. Small and medium-sized gold or silver chains can add subtle elegance and a touch of class to a simple "jeans and T-shirt" outfit.

    Coil and diamond-cut necklaces are also classy jewelry for guys. Keep it simple and stylish.

    3. Skipping Tie Bars or Clips

    Tie accessories are perhaps the most functional guy's accessories that tend to get overlooked by men wearing jewelry.

    If you sport a tie bar or clip, it helps anchor your tie down, preventing it from flying in the wind or in your face. This simple accessory can prevent a lot of hassle and embarrassment.

    Tie bars and clips come in a variety of colors and styles to suit any attire, from casual to business and formal wear. There are a lot of choices to wear that still keep you looking suave and professional.

    4. Wearing Gaudy Bracelets

    Yes, bracelets can be guys accessories too. However, men wearing jewelry should skip a lot of the gaudy styles found in women's bracelets.

    When choosing a bracelet to accessorize your style, stay away from anything oversized or dangly. Chunky designs or dangling charms can end up looking tacky for men.

    Stick with simple bangles that accent your clothing. Wearing an understated bracelet that matches the rest of your ensemble can add a subtle touch of class.

    5. Not Being Confident

    This is one of the biggest jewelry style tips for men: wear your jewelry with confidence. You are breaking the mold of men's fashion, and you should do so with self-assurance.

    Men wearing jewelry should wear their pieces with confidence. Pushing the boundaries of fashion is simple if you are confident and comfortable with what you are wearing.

    6. Wearing Situationally Inappropriate Pieces

    As with women wearing jewelry, men wearing jewelry should also be mindful of the event or situation for which they are accessorizing. Your environment is key when determining the right guy's accessories to wear.

    For example, don't wear anything flashy or attention-grabbing if you're attending a funeral or similar gathering. In job interviews or other business situations, minimalism is also key. Look out for dress codes or guidelines to follow when choosing how to accessorize.

    7. Not Choosing Suitable Color Schemes

    Another mistake men wearing jewelry make is not going for a color scheme that suits them. Know your skin tone and choose metals that complement it.

    For example, cooler skin tones are more suited for silver, metal, or white gold pieces. Warm tones, on the other hand, are better complemented by yellow gold or rose gold. If your complexion is more on the neutral side, go for basic yellow and white metals.

    One of the jewelry style tips to keep in mind while you're choosing a color scheme is to picture your existing wardrobe pieces. Choose metals that will go great with the clothing you already have.

    8. Wearing Disproportional Jewelry

    Sometimes, men wearing jewelry don't pick the right size of accessory for their body type.

    Here are some jewelry style tips for choosing men's accessories based on your size:

    • Larger hands and wider wrists should accessorize with larger bracelets and oversized watches
    • Choose a longer necklace if you have a thicker neck
    • Large hands should have large rings and vice versa
    • Leaner men should choose smaller jewelry pieces

    Wearing a thin, delicate bracelet won't work if you have a larger or more muscular body type. In a similar sense, men with smaller arms or wrists should not choose an overly large watch. These types of men's accessories can take over your natural features and look gaudy.

    9. Having Too Many Accessories

    Some men who wear jewelry can go over the top and take their accessories into overkill mode.

    Just as choosing the right jewelry can accent an outfit, overcrowding it with too many pieces can actually overpower the whole ensemble. In most cases, it's best to keep your jewelry tasteful and understated. As the old proverb goes, less is more.

    Overaccessorizing can also be unflattering for your body type. For example, wearing too many necklaces can make your neck look a lot shorter and stouter than it actually is.

    10. Thinking That There Are No Men Wearing Jewelry

    Some men are nervous about accessorizing with jewelry because they think it's only a women's thing. This couldn't be further from the truth. Accenting your fashion with jewelry can be a stylish move for any man to make.

    History has shown us a lot of great examples of men wearing jewelry. Pharaohs, popes, and military workers alike have all accessorized smartly with the right accent pieces.


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