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    How To Dress Classy Like A Grown Man

    How To Dress Classy Like A Grown Man

    Pick a look you’re most comfortable in. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Do some research and find inspiration from men online. There are tons of photos you could look at. Pick something that you know would look great and natural on you. The last thing you want is to look like you’re wearing a costume.

    Just because something is in style, doesn’t mean you should wear it every single day. You should have a variety of fashionable outfits to choose from. No need to go overboard with branded and luxurious clothing. You can look original by mixing and matching different pieces from different stores.

    classy outfit ideas for men 2

    Own stripe shirts, plaid shirts or any colored and patterned shirts that have unique combinations. You also need collared shirts for different types of events like a banquet, formal party, etc. Buy them in your size in slim-fit. Tuck it in for a more classy appeal.

    classy outfit ideas for men 10

    Choose clothes that are made of 100% fabrics like wool, cotton, etc. these will look nicer and more muscular.

    classy outfit ideas for men 8

    Match your tie with your dress shirt or suit. You need ties that practically match your entire wardrobe.

    classy outfit ideas for men 9

    If you’re going to purchase a suit, get it in your size and NOT two sizes larger. Know your body’s measurements. You don’t want to look like a baggy-looking teenager-wannabe.

    classy outfit ideas for men 5

    Invest in a good pair of denim jeans. It’s the most versatile piece of clothing and you should, at least, have one pair that you would love to wear single every day (but you won’t).

    classy outfit ideas for men 3

    Find shoes that have good wear-ability. Not all luxurious, vintage and collector’s brands are for daily wear. Choose a color that would go with so many colors or a color you know would look great with some of your clothes.  Always invest in quality and unless you’re going to run, don’t wear running shoes.

    classy outfit ideas for men 7

    A man should always own that one pair of laced and pointed leather shoes. These shoes match everything you wear. For your socks, go for something colorful that is made of cashmere, cotton or wool. Your socks should always cover your shins.

    classy outfit ideas for men 1

    Not all eyeglasses could make you look sophisticated. If you’re a glasses-wearer, choose a thicker frame. Some glasses without rims could easily be broken, so go to a very trusty ophthalmologist and pick a frame that suits your face. When in doubt, always bring somebody who would help you pick it out.

    classy outfit ideas for men 11

    Always know when and how you should wear shorts. Men’s shorts are all about finding a balance between covering your thighs and exposing your knees. Find shorts that aren’t cargo, unless you’re going to a forest, then go right ahead.

    classy outfit ideas for men 6

    When rolling your sleeves, roll it up to about two widths of the cuff then roll it again to the bottom of the cuff. Lastly, roll it once more exposing the top of the cuff. Cuff links could either make or break your entire outfit. Invest in two to three pairs of them.

    classy outfit ideas for men 4

    When you’re not sure about styling, ask a good lady friend of yours to help you make decisions. Make sure that friend is somebody whom you really trust when it comes to fashion.

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