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    A Comprehensive Guide to Wearing Gold Chains for Men

    A Comprehensive Guide to Wearing Gold Chains for Men

    A good necklace or a Gold Chain for Men is an accent piece for a well-dressed man, just like a ring or a tie or a set of cufflinks.

    Sometimes, for men, there can be a bit of a barrier getting over regarding any jewelry. And necklaces are sometimes considered one of the hardest items to wear. Whether you’re after a simple chain or chunky hip-hop bling to be seen from space, read on to know everything you need to get started. Learn how to wear Men’s Gold Chains to stand out in a crowd and how to choose the right chain length.

    In this blog piece, we’ll break down what factors you need to keep in mind when choosing the right one for you and why gold chains make for an excellent male accessory.

    Why Wear Gold Chains of Men?

    If you choose the right gold chain for men, it can amplify your style and make your outfit a whole lot cooler. Gold chains add the all-important edge and personality to your ensemble. You can’t get this with just a pair of jeans and a graphic tee. Also, note that these chains are functional and worthy of investment.

    With celebrities like David Beckham, Pharrell Williams, Jay Z, and other stylish men sporting them, gold chains are always on the radar of all men. They look great on everyone regardless of their personality, style, and preferences.

    5 Actionable Tips on How to Wear Men’s Gold Chain with Style


    Tip 1 – Choose and wear Gold Chains depending on the look you wish to attain

    Go for a subtle yet stylish look, a look that’s easy to pull off, regardless of the outfit you’re wearing.

    Tip 2 – When to wear what?

    Try elevating your outfit when wearing real gold chains for men or even solid gold chains. With a chunky necklace, you can easily pull off the look for that first date look, lunch with the boys. The best part is that you can dress up or down your outfit with these chain necklaces.

    Tip 3 – How does the shape of your face affects the gold chain you wear

    For men with a round face, longer and more v-shaped chains will suit them best. And if you have a thin face and a pointy chin, you should opt for the short gold chains or chokers.

    Tip 4 – Choose the right gold chain necklace length

    The other important factor that’ll affect how your gold chain necklace looks on you is the length of the chain. While men’s gold chain necklaces come in different lengths, you might not pull off any chain length. Read on to know the right chain length; we’ll talk more about this later.

    Tip 5 – What about the thickness of your Gold Chain Necklace?

    The thickness of the chain necklace is also essential, and it influences the outlook of the chain.

    How to Select the Best Gold Chains for Men?


    There are a few things to consider if you’re looking to buy a gold chain to up your accessory game, which includes:

    1. Knowing your gold

    When selecting Men’s Gold Chains, it’s important to know the gold color and karat that align with your personality. Yellow gold is not the only variety of gold out there; gold comes in white, rose, and sometimes even green. However, the most common colors are yellow and white when it comes to men’s necklaces.While yellow gold gives a pop of color to your outfit, white gold can amp up the subtlety and elegance in your grays and navy blues. If you want a masculine look and an edgier vibe, think of black gold & diamond chains.

    When it comes to the durability of your chains, the lower the karat, the more durable it will be. However, if you are allergic to some kinds of metal, stick to higher karats like 14k gold or 18k gold that won’t likely react to your skin even if you wear them 24/7. 

    • Choosing the right type of chain

    If you want to experiment with your style, it’s best to start with a classic gold chain.

    The type of chain you choose will reflect your personality as well as your sense of style. When it comes to men’s necklaces, the focus is more on complementing an outfit rather than being the statement piece of your overall look.

    • Choosing the Best Width

    If you’re a novice at wearing a chain, a 2-6 mm width is a good start. When adding a pendant, ensure that it fits the chain and isn’t overpowered by its thickness.

    If you’re looking for a chunky gold chain necklace that falls in the ‘bling bling’ category, go for 12 mm or wider. Chain width and length always go hand and hand. So, make sure that they’re proportional to each other. The three points mentioned below will explain this further.

    • 1-6 mm – This necklace width ranges from discreetly thin to the standard width of most men’s necklaces, and it can easily go under your shirt.
    • 6-10 mm – This width works well for pendants and chains outside of your shirt.
    • 10-X mm – Necklaces of more than 10 mm (the thickness of recent iPhones) are worn to garner attention, so if you want to impress someone, bang on, man.
    • Considering the Chain’s Length

    The location of the ornament that hangs on your chest will affect the overall style of your necklace & the types of wardrobe you prefer. The three points mentioned below will explain more about the Chain’s Length:

    • Short, choker-style necklaces go with just about anything, short of a suit and tie. They do look unusual underneath a turn-down collar or a dress shirt. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Above low collars, of course, they stand out on their own, and people can see the whole necklace.
    • Mid-length chains that end around the base of your neck are typical for unornamented metal chains. It leaves most of the links visible with a non-turndown collar-like or a T-shirt an open shirt collar.
    • Long chains or cords are good for pendants, and the ornaments attached to them will generally only be worn outside very casual outfits. What it means that you’ll need a V-neck or a few open buttons if you want the pendant to be visible.

    As far as materials are concerned, remember that you can always swap chains in and out. However, if you can avoid the expense by buying the right length in the first place, it’s preferable.

    • Making it work for your wardrobe and style

    When choosing gold chain design, it’s all about your lifestyle and what you gravitate towards most. If you want something that can be your signature jewelry, think of a simple chain necklace that you can wear with your casual tees and button-down shirts. Simple chains like dog tags or ball chains won’t overpower your 9-5 look yet enhance your style.


    Some gold chains like Gold Rope Chains and Miami Cuban Chains are a statement on their own, while others can look great with a pendant. A choker-length necklace suits a casual outfit like a white tee worn with a leather or denim jacket. However, long, thick gold chains are trickier to pull off, but keep in mind that they are ideal if you’re comfortable wearing outlandish styles.

    Necklaces and Men’s Style

    Necklaces for guys are a little bit different than for women. Men’s jewelry is meant to complement, not to overwhelm, meaning that they’re a little rougher and rugged around the edges. Good jewelry for men should always look natural. For instance, imagine you’ve been wearing it for years after it was given to you by your grandfather, who wore it for years before passing it on to you.

    You’ll see some brighter, shinier stuff in 2021, of course, and even the massive “bling” of urban caricature will be present in abundance. Men’s Gold Chains of this sort catch people’s attention precisely because they’re outlandish. Most men who wear necklaces well won’t be known only for their jewelry, and you’ll see them as stylish and then perhaps notice the accents over time.

    Men’s necklaces are here to stay, from eagle talons of the Neanderthals to Jay Z’s $200,000 Cuban link chain. Whatever chain necklace for men you’re after, choose something that tells your story. But what story will yours tell – well, hopefully, your Gold Chain will tell the most perfect story ever.

    How to Wear Men’s Necklaces?


    1. What story do you want to tell?

    First, figure out how attention-grabbing you want your necklace to be. Do you want an outrageously thick gold chain or a simple chain necklace along with a cross pendant?

    • What will you wear with your necklace?

    Knowing what you’ll wear on top of your shirt or beneath it will help you decide on the size and length. Men’s Necklaces with a Thor’s Hammer pendant can add style when worn on top of a basic tee. At the same time, a 2 mm gold-tone steel chain would peek out from under a button-down shirt.

    • How many do you want, or what about layering?

    This point goes back to #2. It’s tricky to wear multiple chains under your shirt without their outline being visible. But on top of a shirt – go wild.
    To layer necklaces, choose 2-3 necklaces of varying lengths and different textures. Wearing 3 thick, gold chain necklaces might not look as good as 2 chains of different thicknesses, but again, go with what suits you best.

    • What color do you need, and what about matching metals?

    From coloured braded necklaces to gold and silver-toned ones, your necklace should match other colors in your outfit and other metals. If you’re also wearing a watch, bracelets, or rings, and why wouldn’t you? Keep everything cohesive, but always find the perfect jewelry to go with the chain you’re wearing.

    How to Clean Gold Chains for Men?

    Men’s gold chains are a type of jewelry that lasts a lifetime. But proper care and maintenance are of the utmost importance to ensure that they last forever. Frequent cleaning and damage inspections are needed when necessary.

    When it comes to cleaning, there are multiple safety steps you should take, such as:

    1. Firstly, and most importantly, add a few drops of mild dishwashing soap to a bowl of lukewarm water.
    2. Dip your gold jewelry into this mixture, and let it soak for 15-20 minutes.
    3. Dip a soft, lint-free cloth in the water, wipe the necklace until clean, and let it air dry completely.
    4. Rinse off any soap from your necklace.
    5. Dry with a clean towel, air dry, and use a polishing cloth for extra shine.


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    I am so impressed with the comprehensive guide to wearing gold chains for men on this blog. It’s not often that we see such a detailed and informative guide on men’s fashion. I will definitely be sharing this with my husband and son as they both love wearing gold chains. I also love the husband and son love quotes added to the post, it makes it even more special. Thank you for sharing such great information and inspiration.

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