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    10 Ways To Dress Like An Italian Woman

    10 Ways To Dress Like An Italian Woman

    1. Less is more

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    If you want to follow the Italian Women’s Style then you need to keep in mind that “less is more“.  You don’t need to buy a lot of dresses, clothes, shoes and bags. It’s easy, you need only the basic things that can be easily arranged. In the end, you will be playing around with simple things that have taste and look elegant even from far away.

    2. Blend it with your personal touch 

    Neutral colours, good or high-quality fabrics, and minimal accessories are the things you need to consider. But you don’t need to wear very simple things, remember always to give your personal touch to your outfit so you can stand out from the crowd. A coloured pair of sunglasses or a foulard attached to your bag will give a sense of personalization and individuality.

    3. Colours 

    Colours will help you a lot with being elegant and classy. I don’t know much about them but if you need to find out which colour scheme suits you at the best ask some specialists in armocromia and colour analysis. 

    And if you don’t know which colour to choose then go for blue, black or neutral colours that you can play with creating your own personal wardrobe!

    4. Dress-up daily

    Every day is a good day to look wonderful. Italian women love to take care of themselves and wear good clothes and dresses to look nice. Play with style daily and you will look elegant and wonderful.

    Don’t forget to take care of your hair and nails and makeup. They will help you feel much better every day. There is nothing better than a woman loving herself daily!

    Please don’t end up saving your good quality outfits for rare events! It would be a waste of money and good fashion clothes!

    5.  The right bag for you


    Bags are our Achilles heel I know. But try to spend the right money on a good leather bag that goes with all the outfits that you have in your wardrobe. That will help you save money and in the end, you’ll have a top-quality bag that will last for years. Even bags can help with styling your figure. There is a lot of difference between big, medium or small bags. They will enlarge or reduce your body figure so choose wisely!

    6. Stiletto and shoes

    Shoes are the final touch for a wonderful outfit. You can be elegant even with a pair of beautiful sneakers if you know how to style them with the rest of your clothes.  But a stiletto will help you feel wonderful and powerful, elegant and seductive. Wear them whenever you want and not only for appointments and parties. You choose when and how to wear them. A black pair of stilettos will go under anything! So buy a high-quality pair and consume them.

    7.  Blazer life

    A good quality blazer will help you style everything, from trousers to jeans and skirts because is always on-trend. You can choose a printed one or even a simple colour. If in doubt, have always a black one in your wardrobe for an elegant twist!

    8. A long coat

    Having a long coat in your wardrobe is essential for the autumn season. Believe me when I say that a long coat changes the games. You can choose between so many colours but for an elegant touch, black or a neutral colour will do. You’ll stand out from the crowd! If you don’t like black then choose the camel coat. It’s one of the most elegant items that you can have in your wardrobe.

    9. Quality over quantity

    Quality and handmade clothes are the best things to have in your wardrobe. They’ll end up being timeless and if not, in a few years, they’ll be back in trend. For this reason, don’t throw them away. Pieces and bits of fashion will mix up and help you create your unique and individual style over time.

    A classy shirt or a white t-shirt with an elegant pair of black trousers and high heels they’ll complete your look. But don’t exaggerate with clothes, if you think you won’t wear them then simply don’t buy them.

    You’ll save money and space in the end. Try to choose things that if mixed all together have a sense. That will simplify your life and leave you money in your bank account!

    10. Take care of your wardrobe

    Take care of your clothes and garments. Follow the instructions on the labels to wash them so they’ll last for years. Wash them by hand if you feel they’re delicate enough. The washing machine is not always a good thing for your special clothes!

    Change over your wardrobe seasonally. This will help you clean up and take care of your clothes!

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